The Jocose Fiance

jocose: [adj.] playful or humorous; given to or characterized by jesting, joking

The Jocose Fiance

“Sometimes, I think Gregory loves the wedding more than he loves me.”

“That’s not true.” Daniel sipped his long island tea. “He just wants your big day to be perfect for the both of you.”

“He’s so busy with it, I’ve hardly seen him for weeks. I swear I won’t recognize him at the altar. The minister will ask me, ‘Do you take this man to be your husband?’ And I’ll say, ‘Who is this? I never met this man in my life!’”

“The ceremony isn’t the time to be a wisecracker.”

Chris grinned. “How about before the ceremony?”

“What are you up to now?”

“Just a little something to remind Gregory that he should appreciate his future husband more.”

Daniel groaned.

Chris leaned forward. “Ok. I’ve ‘accidentally’ left a phoney correspondence that I wrote from a fake love interest to myself open on his laptop. When he sees it tonight he’ll either laugh or freak out. I’ll explain how his ignoring me hurts. Then we’ll passionately make up. In the morning I’ll tell him the truth.”

“And the point of these shenanigans is…?” 

“I’ll see how much Gregory actually cares, Gregory will be reminded to prioritize me, and most of all, it’ll be a hilarious joke. We’ll be laughing about this with our grandchildren.”

“Uh-huh.” Daniel sipped his drink. “I don’t know, Chris. It sounds like a million things could go wrong.”

“Don’t be a killjoy. Gregory probably won’t believe it, but I’ll have his attention.”  


Gregory had just stepped into the elevator of his apartment building when he got a series of texts from Daniel. It was a heads up of a prank Chris was playing on him. By the time Gregory sat on their bed and read Chris’s “joke”, he did find it funny. The fake messages had the flair and melodrama straight out of a telenovela. Apparently, his fiance was flirting with a man who had once slept with his own long lost evil twin. 

Chris was right. They hadn’t been spending much time together. All the wedding planning and preparation on top of his day job left him exhausted. They were attending a wedding at a hot springs spa this weekend. He’d planned to surprise Chris with an extended stay at the spa to help them relax and reconnect. Chris’s spontaneity and occasional mischievous streak were reasons why he loved him, but he could go too far sometimes. Gregory began to formulate a way to de-stress while getting pay back.


“I don’t understand, Daniel.” Chris moaned as they walked into the hot springs spa. “When I got home, Gregory was gone. He won’t answer my texts, my calls go straight to voicemail. What if… he’s left me? I never should have pretended to have a fake love interest!”

“I don’t want to say I told you so.” Daniel shrugged. “But…”

“Why are we here?” 

“I’ve wanted to try this place out. I figured it’ll help you to relax and get a game plan for winning Gregory back.”

Chris sighed. “I do have a terrible ache in my neck.”

Chris looked around while Daniel talked to the front desk of the hot springs spa.

“What the plumb?!” He shouted.

Beside, the doors to a reception room was a big photo of Gregory and a man Chris had never seen. Underneath the photo were the words: Pillman and Schulster Wedding 5:00pm.

Chris stormed into the reception room which had rows of white clothed covered chairs and flowers everywhere. Chris found Gregory standing at the altar before an officiator with the Schulster of the photo. 

“Gregory!” Chris marched up the aisle. “What is this?” 

“Chris, I’m so glad you were able to make it to my wedding.” He took Schulster’s hand. 

“Your wedding?!”

“I read your messages to this guy you’ve been flirting with. I realized, if you want to be free, who am I to hold you back? I thought with you pursuing your own affair, I’d see what might happen with Magnus. And it turns out, he felt the same.”

“We couldn’t wait.” Magnus rubbed Gregory’s arm. “We had to get married right away.”

Hot rage surged through Chris’s body.

“That was a lie! Just a joke. There was never an admirer, no flirtations. I only did it to make you value me more. You weren’t supposed to marry someone else!” 

Gregory, Magnus, and the officiator (and Daniel behind him) all burst out laughing.

Chris stared at them, shocked “This isn’t funny.”

“Gotcha!” Gregory winked.

Chris felt heat creep up his neck as embarrassment washed over him.

“Wait. This isn’t real? You and Magnus aren’t getting married?”

“Daniel told me about your little prank so we decided to give my jocose fiance a taste of his own medicine. Magnus is the friend whose wedding I keep reminding you about. I knew you wouldn’t remember so I called in a favor.” Gregory took Chris’s hands in his. “I love you, Chris, always, but you don’t need to resort to waggish schemes to get my attention. In return, I’ll prioritize more time together… starting now. What do you say to spa mini-vacation?”

“The whole weekend to ourselves?!” Chris flung his arms around his fiance and kissed him. He really was the luckiest man alive and he would never forget it.


The theme for the Monthly SimLit Short Story Challenge this month (April & May, actually) was ” a humorous story” with one of these words in it: jocose, waggish, wisecracker, farceur, buffoon, or larker. I think I used three (jocose, waggish, & wisecracker). My word count is 889/900 with 10/10 pics. I will post voting info once it becomes available. For now, please check out the above link for other entries and return June 1 to vote for your favorites!

CC (that I remember): All Around Sims 4 Mexican Restaurant; WistfulCastle’s Helios male hair (on Chris)

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