June Sky: A Myth

Under the warm shadow of June night

Two lovers 

Mahru, brother of Earth 

Elara, daughter of the stars

meeting on the planet of life 

to unite in love 

For eternity.

But the stars, Vega and Antares, 

not approving their wayward child’s union

stepped down from their celestial plane.

They separated the lovers.

Banishing them

to the dark abysses of the universe.

Mahru and Elara fought valiantly.

Yet, the giant stars were too powerful 

and the lovers were flung from the planet.

But, Ila, the Earth, 

having covered their secret wedding,

took pity on the newlyweds

and appealed to Sol, the sun star.

Sol heard Ila’s pleas.

Her sorrow and anger intertwining with the earth’s own.

Though bigger and more powerful than Sol, 

Vega and Antares had trespassed in the sun’s domain;

weakening their own might and strengthening hers.

Stepping down to the planet of life, 

Sol fought Vega and Antares

until they flew back in fury to their own constellations.

Vega and Antares curse upon Elara and Mahru could not be undone.

Earth had tethered her brother to her oceans

keeping him from hurling through the expanse.

Sol turned Mahru into the moon, 

bringing balance to Earth, her oceans, and lighting her nights.

The bride had been thrown to the outer circle.

Sol found her and

Elara, daughter of Antares, a royal star, became Jupiter, the giant king planet.

The moon, close as it is, came and went from the planet of life 

but Jupiter, cast to the outer circles, was too far.

All Sol could grant to the new celestial bodies was one point in time 

to line up Earth, Jupiter and sun.

Under the protection of Sol

Jupiter may descend.

Elara and Mahru separated by space

united by undying love

are joined together once a year

during the month of their wedding.

This is why the moon and Jupiter burn brightest together in the night June sky.


A/N: Words: 319  Pictures: 8

Part 1: This is my third entry in the fabulous Monthly Simlit Short Story Challenge. This month’s topic was June Wedding with a word max of 800. Please check it out, read ALL the entries and vote for your top 3 favorite stories in BOTH the Novice AND Veteran categories. Top 3 in both categories–6 votes total–is required! Thank you for supporting SimLit!

Part 1.2 (added 8/1/19): AemaSimming has written a beautiful story in the same vein/universe as this myth. It uses some of the same cc so even the look is similar, but the story stands on its own. If you liked this story, you will Love it! PLEASE read The Most Powerful of Magic and support a great storyteller.

Part 2: Brief background on the celestial bodies in this myth: Vega and Antares are two of the brightest stars that you can see from earth. Antares is a supergiant 17 times more massive and 10,000 times more luminous than the sun. Thousands of years ago, Antares was the North Star (modernly it is Polaris. This is because the earth’s axis moves changing north every thousands of years.) The ancient Persians regarded Antares as one of 4 royal stars who were the guardians of the galaxy (not just a comic/movie). Vega is the 5th brightest star in the night sky and is part of the Lyra constellation. It was the second star to be photographed (the first is our sun). (Vega is also a character in Street Fighter who I played as all the time :P) Mahru is a nickname for the African name Mahrukh which means “face of the moon” and Elara is one of Jupiter’s moons. Lesson over!

Part 3: The sun, earth and Jupiter line up around June (sometimes in late May or early July) every year. It’s known as opposition. This makes the brightest objects in the night sky the moon and Jupiter for the entire month of June. Jupiter is so clear you can see it with the naked eye and its biggest moons with binoculars! I took some photos of Jupiter and the moon above my house. Also, check out the awesome new photos of Jupiter that NASA’s space probe, Juno, has been sending. 

Jupiter (white dot on left) & the moon above my house. Taken with my phone camera 14 June 2019.
Jupiter’s clouds. Taken by the Juno probe.

CC used:  (Not a complete list.)

Ila’s Crown of horns by Nolan Sims, Sol’s Headdress (Pegasus set) by ERSCH, and Mahru’s crown (Thranduil’s Crown) by ersel/ERSCH

Sol’s dress and Mahru’s earth outfit by Jomsims

Twinkling Stars wallpaper & floors by Bakie

Moons Light (the moon and planet Jupiter objects) by Mabinogi

Couldn’t fit this into the picture limit, but I like it so…

Sorry! Didn’t mean for my author’s note to be longer than the actual story! 😛

23 thoughts on “June Sky: A Myth”

    1. I love how people in the past came up with such fun stories to explain how things are/came to be. When I found out about Jupiter’s opposition, I knew I wanted to find a way to write about it. Thank for reading!

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  1. Oh, this was amazing! I love mythology, so I was smiling from ear to ear as I read this. I love the actual pictures you included in the notes, and the screenshots were incredible! I woulda love to know how you staged them.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! The staging was frustrating sometimes. I miss OMSPs and moveobjects for moving sims. Most of them I knew what I wanted before setting up the shot (I storyboard) and a couple were opportunistic (like the one with Mahru tethered to earth. never thought I’d get anything close but happened to look at a pose upside down with the sim moon in the sky behind him. I edited a picture of earth onto the moon & added sparkles for the rope.)

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      1. Yikes! It sounds really complicated. I have never posed in Sims 4 since I use 3 for my stories. I’m totally blown away by the screenshots, and I am super impressed that you storyboard.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh my gosh…. this piece was so fantastical. I love mythology and I often imagine the stars being entities. The geek in me absolutely adored the mythology, the facts and the images. And amazing job with the screenshots. I can’t imagine the time and energy it must have taken and I applaud you the effort!

    Liked by 1 person

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