“This is a terrible idea, Chloe.”

“It’s the only way to get Gina out of the way.”

They peered across the rainbow decorated gym floor where Gina and Mason danced by the bleachers.

Chloe sighed. “Mason looks so good in a suit.”

“He’s got a nice butt…” Ann rubbed her ear between her finger and thumb. “This plan didn’t work last week at lunch.”

“That’s because you ruined everything and Gina asked him to the dance before I could.”

“Not my fault the cafeteria has an incline. I’m just saying… What if it’s a sign? You should talk to him first. He might not mind one dance.”

“I can’t wait with Gina hanging around.” Chloe grabbed Ann’s shoulders. “It’s now or never. I’ve got the punch. Did you get the laxatives?”

Ann put her hand in her purse. “My mom thinks I have a serious problem.” She passed the bottle to her friend. “She says I have to go on a cleanse for a week.”

“You’ll survive.” She poured the medicine into the cup of punch and stirred it with a straw. “But Gina won’t.”

The ruby red liquid turned a deep pink.

“Ok, take it over to her.” Chloe pushed the cup toward Ann. “When she’s gone–“

“No way. Not again.”

“Fine.” Chloe grabbed the cup. “Wouldn’t want you to spill it all over me like last time.”

Ann’s eyes narrowed and her lip curled. Chloe ignored her and took a deep breath. She stalked through the students of High Pier high with Ann following close behind until they stood next to the target.

“Hey, Gina,” Chloe forced a smile. “You look thirsty.”

Gina and Mason stopped dancing.

“I brought you some punch.” Chloe held the cup out.

Gina lifted an eyebrow. “No, thanks.”

I’m thirsty.” Mason reached out for the cup Chloe held.

Chloe’s heart pounded against her sternum. She couldn’t let him drink it. That would ruin everything.

“No.” She pulled her arm back. “It’s mine. I’ve got germs.”

Mason shrugged. “I don’t care.”

His fingers brushed the rim. Chloe looked at Ann for help.

Ann shrugged and mouthed, “Drink it?”

She lifted the cup to her mouth and gulped down the laced contents.

Ann leaned close. “I meant to say spill it.”

Chloe glared at her.

“There’s Jaimie,” Gina clutched Mason’s arm. “What should I do?”

He patted her hand. “You two need to talk.”

Gina nodded and gave him a thumbs up before walking off into the crowd.

“What was that about?” Ann asked.

“Gina’s scheme to get Jaime’s attention by pretending to get back with her ex.” Mason said. “Didn’t work. Now she’s taking the old fashion route.”

Chloe clutched her rumbling abdomen. “So, you two didn’t get back together?”

Mason grimaced. “No.”

If she had waited one more minute… Her belly burned like a Halloween bonfire.

“Looks like I’m dateless.” Mason grinned. “One of you want to dance?”

“Yes!” Chloe put her hand out to him.  Mason moved closer. She stared into his sparkling brown eyes. His smile made her stomach squall with the force of a typhoon. Chloe froze.

“Is everything ok?” Mason asked.

She hugged herself as her stomach roiled with waves of stabbing pain.

“We don’t have to dance.” He turned to Ann. “What about you?”

“Sure.” Ann smiled. “Hope you can keep up.”

“Wait. This is my dance.”

Ann and Mason were too busy grinning at each other to hear her. Another raucous ripple from her middle sent her sprinting out the gym.

Word Count: 584

Pictures: 6

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11 thoughts on “Nincompoop”

  1. Snort. That’ll teach you to try dirty tricks. … for all the folks. Although I have to say I do feel bad for Chloe. Feels like she got the worse end of all the deals. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh my gosh!!! This was too funny! Talk about poetic justice, eh? Chloe’s shenanigans totally backfired and now, it looks like her best friend may get the guy while Chloe is in the bathroom pooping herself into proverbial oblivion. Ah, the joys of high school dating. LOLOL.


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